Everythings looking grey

Suffering from major boredom, I decided to take my camera out and go for a walk around the city. For a very uninspiring day with icy wind and grey skies the sunset turned out to be really pretty. My wander also passed a couple of hours of my very boring day turn night that left me a little less restless with some new photos to work on at home. Im not going to post up my camera settings with my photos this time purely cause theres so many and im getting impatient to post them. I hope you like.

I couldnt help but put two of this photo, the sky is such a nice contrast to the dull buildings

home at last with soup and a bottle of wine


b+w collections 1

Im hoping to post up a few more black and white collections over the next few weeks, I love the striking appeal that a black and white photo can have and cant wait to get my hands on a film camera where i can produce my own photo’s. Dont get me wrong I love colour photos too and will always have loads of colour throughout my photos, but when I do get a good black and white photo or see one, my appreciation for the skill behind it is two fold to that of a colour photo. I can only imagine the quality i will get once Im up and running with a little film camera.

F 6.3, S 1/250, ISO 1600

Playing with the shadows on my feet
F 32.0, S 1/100, ISO 200

F 5.6, S 1/250, ISO 400

coffee on the river
F 5.6, S 1/400, ISO 1600

Lisa and her beautiful baby
F 5.6, S 1/2000, ISO 400

Kitty Hawke
F 5.6, S 1/60, ISO 250

Two hours North

F 10.0, S 1/320, ISO 100

F 5.0, S 1/1000, ISO 200

F 5.6, S 1/40, ISO 1000

Our delicious Thai breakfast
F 5.6, S 1/200, ISO 1000

birthday wishes before heading back
F 4.5, S 1/125, ISO 800

F 5.6, S 1/200, ISO 1000

F 4.0, S 1/400, ISO 200

Pit stop at the antique house
F 10.00, S 1/60, ISO 100

f 5.6, S 1/640, ISO 200

F 5.0, S 1/1000, ISO 200

F 5.6, S 1/2500, ISO 200

F 5.6, S 1/2500, ISO 200


I have always had a love for photography but only recently have i started to take what i love to do seriously and start to seek out the next level. After trying my hand at a few different career options I have come to realise i dont want a job with a hobby to fill in spare time I want my hobby to be my fulltime job, lifes too short to keep pushing aside what im really interested in and passionate about.  I have always loved photography and the idea of documenting what you see, so this is going to be a space all about that, Im aiming to put up a bunch of photos each week of anything and everything whatever catches my eye. I use a 40D Canon SLR with an average 17-85mm lens (mostly) I plan to keep a record of what settings i used on each my photos being as informative as possible! I want to share with you my journey of photos as well as how i got them to be the way they are, its something im determined to keep open as I know how frustrated I have been looking on many photographers work and not knowing what camera do they use? what lens was chosen for that particular picture? and how much editing got the photo to the final product? So there it is enjoy.