b+w collections 1

Im hoping to post up a few more black and white collections over the next few weeks, I love the striking appeal that a black and white photo can have and cant wait to get my hands on a film camera where i can produce my own photo’s. Dont get me wrong I love colour photos too and will always have loads of colour throughout my photos, but when I do get a good black and white photo or see one, my appreciation for the skill behind it is two fold to that of a colour photo. I can only imagine the quality i will get once Im up and running with a little film camera.

F 6.3, S 1/250, ISO 1600

Playing with the shadows on my feet
F 32.0, S 1/100, ISO 200

F 5.6, S 1/250, ISO 400

coffee on the river
F 5.6, S 1/400, ISO 1600

Lisa and her beautiful baby
F 5.6, S 1/2000, ISO 400

Kitty Hawke
F 5.6, S 1/60, ISO 250


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