Shilin Night Markets – Tamsui line

On our seCond night in Taipei we decided to visit the Shilin night markets after spending the day in Guandu wharf, it was one of the stops on the tram line on our way back to Zongshan so we thought we mays well go straight there. Hopping off the line at Shilin you could instantly feel a busy vibe in the area we went to a place called cafe orange to start with for two coronas and a place to get our bearings. After our beers we stumbled into a store called riot standard that stocked clothes from a Taiwan brand called ‘provider’. It was all male clothing hitting the motorbike sort of niche. The store had a great layout and really good quality t-shirts we chatted to the assistants about the store and their brand and brad bought a t-shirt while we were there. As we were leaving they insisted on giving us a welcome gift to Taiwan,a motorcycle magazine before thanking us and saying goodbye. For the complexity of this city and the struggle to get by only knowing English, so far the people in Taiwan have been only too happy to give and ensure we have a great time. Its the people here that make it completely worth it.
After some more browsing of the shops we found the Shilin night markets, they were situated in the backstreets of Shilin and jam packed with people, food and stalls. I couldn’t help but give into one store where I walked out with a neon yellow leopard print vest with studs on it, a dress and mismatched hoodie. There is some very unique clothes for nearly every different style. Next was all the food stalls, we weren’t game to try everything but we still had a go at a few things like some strange deep fried balls with spice on them, potato and cheese cakes, giblets skewers and the famous beef noodle soup.


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