Dumplings and Roxy 99

Eating at a traditional Taiwanese restaurant on our third night we had high hopes for the food to come. Thanks to two helpful ladies we managed to order some great food and avoid accidentally ordering the pig intestine which we thought was sliced pork. We ended up with a feast of cold fish, two types of dumplings, soup and minced pork. Our first proper Taiwanese food since arriving.
Walking back home we take our chance at a bar called Roxy 99 turned out we had hit the jackpot for foreigners. We drank pitchers of beers, shooters and cocktails till morning time with some friends we had acquainted at the bar.
Missing the last train we caught a cab for the first time (this turned out to be a stupid decision). Our first cab took us to the airport, the one after that in a part of the Taipei we didn’t know and the third in Taipei city. Thankfully some guys on scooters stopped by and could speak English they got our fourth taxi to drop us remotely close to where we were staying. We were so thankful to be finally getting home and sleep around the corner.
Turns out we can’t pronounce Zongshan. Also turns out taxi drivers can’t read their own city map.
Home in bed at 4am in the morning, just a small two hours of travel time.
Tomorrow we will use the trains.

2 thoughts on “Dumplings and Roxy 99

  1. That’s hilarious! Pig intestines sound delicious 🙂 Loving looking at your photos. Can’t wait to see more. Also Archer wants to see one of his Aunty!

    • Thanks, it has been a very interesting trip so far. I tried to call you on FaceTime the other day, maybe I can get your Skype name and archer can see me tat way : )

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