City wandering in Taipei

In Taipei city you can just walk the streets for miles and still be absolutely stimulated at what’s around you, there’s always a new sub city around the corner from the main one and just hundreds of people filling the shops and cafes along the way.

You never have to walk too far till you get to the next dumpling stand or frog egg iced tea. This goes as well for street side shops, there’s always a merchant selling for a good price.

The air is warm and thick around you and while the city is jam packed with motor vehicles you don’t tend to notice the smog in the humidity. On one particular day we awoke late and started our day late. We walked down one main road till our feet ached and the sky had turned black. We had no purpose but to just walk and feel the hum of the city passing by. Our walk brought us to an udon noodle bar were we rested and ate befor journeying back home. How nice to have the chance to wander aimlessly.

2 thoughts on “City wandering in Taipei

  1. sounds amazing.I think aimless all day wandering is definitely a thing of the past for me..enjoy every last bit! 🙂

    • Yep definitely has been liberating having no commitments… Maybe you should just come over and visit and we can share the little heffa on an aimless stroll 🙂

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