Taitung art village

Visiting Taitung today we head to the artists village. Unfortunately for us everything seems closed, but we do see a sign for felt making at 4pm so there is hope. We go looking for food in the meantime and stumble upon a place called ‘wonderful’, a very stylish little thing situated on the corner it is filled with retro furniture, comfy cushions, large light fittings hanging from the ceiling spiral down in the shape of bells and cardboard animal heads hung on the walls.
Brad and I choose a comfy couch facing open windows with a wooden bench in front. We order desserts a cucumber juice and brad a beer, we are completely amazed at our food and drinks and my only regret is not bringing my camera. My dessert came out with five pitted dates stuffed with spiced mascarpone and a toasted almond wedged on top with lime zest shavings, brad got a chocolate cake the texture really fluffy with fresh cream and compote and my cucumber juice was delicious with mint, lemon/lime blended up with heaps of cucumber.
After dessert we wandered around again and things were starting to open up there were little artist stalls, shipping crates that had been painted used as shops and a band setting up to play. We bought a carved wooden cat while there and like usual collected post cards.
I don’t have any photos of this day but I have a few I’m posting up from our first trip to Taitung and wandering the street markets.






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