River trekking & BBQ’s

Today we set off for a trek through a river canal. We have been fortunate enough to be included in the tight knit team of the two hostels Dulan 98 and 102, we have been staying in Dulan98 and it has felt more like a home than place to sleep at night.
Our trek led us through rivers banks, climbing rocks and swimming waist deep. We ended at a waterfall for a rest and the adventurous to try and climb.
Barry and Sonja the owners of the two hostels invited us to a BBQ at their property the night before. Expecting to arrive at a house, when we get there the land was pitch black and stepping out of the van Barry pointed in a direction saying, ‘walk around their and please break your ankles carefully’. Dodging potholes, rocks, sticks and dogs we made our way around a dome shaped structure. Once on the other side we could see the enormity of the dome and it’s excellence. Unfortunately it was too dark to take photos. Designed by a Swedish architect, the dome was comprised of treated recycled bamboo. The bamboo had been split lengthways and bent to accommodate the shape of the dome, an environmental wonder and alot of hard work.
That night we sat around a fire, shucking oysters, roasting mince balls and drink beer and wine. We listened to the wonders of Taiwan, finding out hidden treasures on the east coast and getting to know more of each other and how everyone came to be at this place.
As the night went on feeling drunk and full we raised the fire to a monstrosity adding bamboo, which creates a firework effect. Listening to the popping and playing games our night was soon coming to an end.
Back in the van, six adults and four dogs we made our way back to the hostel. Another night and memories to keep.

Barry and Sonja










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