The dog that captured our heart

Two days into staying at Dulan beach we seemed to acquire a dog. Walking along this day I noticed a black flea ridden dog lying on the street with the rest of the strays, I looked at Brad and said ‘doesn’t that look like Layla’ (my sisters dog) and with no other look at the dog before we knew it this little black dog was trotting behind us.
Since that day to twelve days later the dog that we came to name Denny stayed by our side the whole time. Denny was such a beautiful nature and for a stray who was badly malnourished covered in ticks and fleas was so smart and learnt to sit, stay and shake hands.
I felt like with every tick I pulled off her and every bath and frontline application, she knew I was helping her. She went from being shy to protective when I walked down the street and even know she loved Brad too, she wouldn’t leave my side in the end. One night I went into Barry and Sonja’s to pay for another night, while I was there Denny followed me in, I had to go to the bathroom and told her to go outside. While I was gone a full grown man tried to pull her out but she sat down and wouldn’t budge. On returning from the bathroom she would not leave until I left the room with her.
It absolutely broke my heart to leave her and breaks my heart even more to think about her unpredictable future. Everyone in Dulan has dogs, no one has room for a stray like Denny.

Anyone that has a dog reading this please give them an extra big cuddle and an extra big walk, for all the strays out there like Denny that are cast to the edge of the district unwanted and unloved. Imagine if it was your dog, appreciate the one you have.

Lastly if any of my Taiwan followers would like to adopt this beautiful dog please contact me. She may not be a pure breed or in perfect condition but she is a beautiful nature and just wants to be loved.











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