Vikram & Stella

While in Dulan we had the pleasure of meeting Vikram and Stella. Vikram like a lot of people here was an expat, originally from India moved here to seek the blissful life of Dulan that so many others have fallen in love with. Not only did we hear the history of Taiwanese culture but also facts like the percent of indigenous population on the east coast, as well as Taiwan being the third largest importers of pesticide and their progression to a green country. We also learnt about the geology of Taiwan and the tectonic plates beneath the island (which we witnessed a earthquake while there). Vikram was and is a man of many strong words and opinions, his ballsiness was what Brad and I loved the most.
If there is an invisible line it was crossed several times in our days of knowing Vikram.
Stella, Vikram’s girlfriend was a beautiful women too. She treated me like a sister while we were there forcing me to dance to her music and hugging me constantly throughout the nights we spent with them. Stella was an Indigenous women from the Amis tribe and while there I learnt a little of their language. While I can say it I can’t spell it so I won’t put up what I learnt. Mainly I learnt to say ‘I love you all’, which when saying among brad and I, Vikram and Stella it said what we all felt.
To know two people for such a short time and feel a warmth unexplainable is beyond me.
While chatting to the two we learnt that Vikram is suffering from MSD a blow to our hearts and news common words cant express.

A light in the midnight sky shines bright,
But when it goes out it is missed.
A loss gone astray but not far from the next.




I regret not having more photos of this time


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