A long time coming

After travelling through Laos and Cambodia, it’s finally time to put up some photos from the last month.

Our rush from Vietnam and into Laos brought us into a town called Savannakhet. It was really quiet and had a deserted mid western feel to it, the highlight of this town being the Dinosaur museum, about an hour of walking and you had seen everything you needed.

The next day we were in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. It was nice to enjoy two days here wandering the streets, eating food and watching the sunset on the (now quite dried up) Mekong river.

Having coffee one morning we read a flyer for an Eco retreat in one of the villages, deciding to go that afternoon. We arrived to a hidden gem, of wooden bungalows scattered throughout forest land, all connected with narrow sandy paths. It had no electricity and at night we used candles, and had dinner in a main area that you could sit and look at the stars.
The silence was beautiful and I wish we could have stayed longer.

Not wanting to go straight back into reality, we went on a three day scooter ride around the mountains of Tha Khek, many caves and rainforests surrounding this area. It was a rough road on the scooter that left us completely red from the dirt, and besides the sites to see it really was just an excuse to ride through the stunning countryside.

Our last stop in Laos was at ‘the four thousand islands’ the southern most part. And when we didn’t think we could get any more relaxed we found Don Det island. It was hard to leave knowing we faced Phnom Penh next.

I only have photos from Savannakhet and Vientiane for now.












3 thoughts on “A long time coming

    • Yes we did go to 4000 islands I have been so slack with photos lately. It’s Christmas now and I’m in Vietnam with a months worth of photos to catch up on!

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