Rain streaked Ximen

We move from the mextaiwan hostel today to the new moon hotel, it’s a bit more expensive but we don’t mind as it will only be for two nights.

The new moon hotel is situated in Ximen and when we arrive  the city is wet and glistening from all the rain. There is a parade of umbrellas on the street with people running in all directions chatting and laughing racing into the malls, not concerned of the puddles at their feet.

We sit undercover on some stairs while we consult the map. Sitting down we watched swarms of school girls and school boys meeting up with one another, pairing off and walking down the streets hand in hand. Their was something romantic and youthful about Ximen that’s hard to put into words. 

Another confusing map and lost on which way to find Our hotel. Again someone came to our rescue and didn’t just tell us which way to go but personally walked us to our building. The people here are truly amazing! 

I decided to get a foot and neck massage that night while brad explored Ximen, taking photos of the street. Afterwards we had some beautiful Korean food before heading to the ‘family mart’ for a take home beer. In the shop we ran into two Taiwanese guys, this led to us drinking beers on the street,  swapping stories of what we do, our plans for travel and having a great time. After a tall beer each they were successfully drunk and on their way home. We said our goodbyes swapped Facebook details and said goodnight to another day in Taipei