Noodle soup and Lanterns

I have finally gotten around to posting my photos of the sleepy town of Hoi An. Brad and I got a little bit trapped in this town and ended up staying a lot longer than we wanted. It wasn’t so much for the abundance of things to do here but more the charm of the clustered buildings throughout the town centre, the abundance of glowing lanterns on the river at night and our favorite lady who sold banana fritters at any time of the day and night.

Hoi An itself was definitely a big tourist destination but somehow you never felt too bombarded by the other tourists it was a nice mix of people and the streets never felt full, it was conservative and outgoing at the same time. Architecturally the town had this cross between French meets Mexican and to add to it there were chihuahua’s at every corner.

Lucky for us we will be back at christmas to meet with Brads parents maybe then I will get round to doing some of those tourist attractions on offer. /em>













A hot summer

Arriving in Thailand was like a breath of fresh air just the friendly smiles and humid weather alone, reassured us that Thailand was going to feel more like a holiday than ‘travel’.

We spent our first night in a hotel close to the city. Tired and weary from the chaos of South Korea, bus rides and flights we were struggling to get back up of the bed.
We found a little restaurant in the red light district (everywhere else was shut) and feasted on curries and salads, for how tired we were feeling we surprisingly drank and ate for hours before stumbling back home and crashing asleep.

Our first day in Bangkok and with limited time we wanted to squeeze in as much as possible. By luck we ended up on a boat ride along the river, brought to the boat by tuk tuk we were greeted with smiles then loaded up with water, beer and fish food.
It appeared we had been taken to a not so popular dock as we were the only two on the boat, we couldn’t have been happier about the situation! As boats jammed packed rushed past us, tourists cranking over the edge to get photos, brad and I sat at the front beer in hand getting a chauffeur ride on the river. It was accidentally romantic and perfect.

The next morning we met up with my dad who has been living on and off in Thailand for the past three years. Like always my dad makes me feel so loved when I see him, a great big hug and brimming with excitement to see us both and get to spend some time together. On meeting my dad we also had the pleasure of meeting Oon, my dads new girlfriend. The long drive ahead was barely noticed, chatting nonstop all the way to Cha Am a luttle beachside town. It was so nice to see dad and to finally get to see his other life away from Australia.

Our first few days in our resort were spent sleeping, swimming and eating. It was great to not be moving for a while and I got lazier by the day. As days passed it became so apparent to me how in love my dad and Oon were, Brad and I looked boring compared to these two lovebirds and we always had this double date feeling when we were all together.

It makes me so happy to see my dad head over heels, he has always been a romantic at heart and affectionate but has never had someone to reciprocate those feelings or at least not that I witnessed growing up. My dad and Oon are constantly swooning over one another and completely content in their new found life together.
Although my mum was not on this trip I feel the same way for her new life also, currently living overseas with her bf Stephen and head over heels in love with each other. She finally has someone who loves her for her and support her dreams in life. So important.

It’s awfully relieving after witnessing all your life two very unhappy people who you love dearly finally get the love they deserve in life. Not just from family but from a partner to share the small things in life.

For the rest of our time in Cha Am we rode elephants and had the chance to see the bluest looking monkey around as well as a very cheeky Macaw. I keep trying to convince Brad we should put all our savings into one. We also went to the floating markets and spent a few hours walking around, eating fresh fruit and me being me, patting a large yellow python (next on my list of pets).

All in all…
Our days here were nice and long, skin kissed by sunshine and stroked with oil massages. A chance to get plump and be tipsy by the afternoon sunset. Like every place it’s sad to leave but always fitting when we do.











Surprise champagne and spa by B


Elephant inspiration



Seoul to Sokcho

Travelling through South Korea has been both inspiring and a hardship. While the country is stunning and the vibe here captivating, unfortunately the expense of travelling in this country has blown our budget more than we imagined and barely any food apart from fruit and potato chips here that I can eat.
We have both tried to keep spirits high and make the trip work but at last feeling defeated I started to pose the idea of leaving South Korea early. Turns out we had both been thinking the same way. What a relief.
Brad has really been an angel in this whole scenario, without being able to eat proper food I have been constantly tired and agitated as well as letting the stress of financials consume me. Brad has only been patient and loving making our trip here still worth the struggle.
The decision to leave Korea early was definitely not one we wanted to make and one day I would like to come back to all the places we missed. This far only visiting Seoul and some of the east coast.
For now though we have airlines to deal with and possible cancellations without refunds.

























The Hermit – b&w collections 2



I have just started using a film camera to take my photos. I used an old canon SLR and got some black and white film. These photo’s are my first attempt at taking photos the old fashioned way, the feel of the old film camera is so different from my digital SLR its very light to carry and of course without any playback on the view finder its completely trial and error. I try and only use manual when taking my photos and am happy to say that none of my photos didnt turn out, some are very grainy from using a higher ISO but i kind of like that about film











This photo was taken by a friend of me. The last photo on my film




b+w collections 1

Im hoping to post up a few more black and white collections over the next few weeks, I love the striking appeal that a black and white photo can have and cant wait to get my hands on a film camera where i can produce my own photo’s. Dont get me wrong I love colour photos too and will always have loads of colour throughout my photos, but when I do get a good black and white photo or see one, my appreciation for the skill behind it is two fold to that of a colour photo. I can only imagine the quality i will get once Im up and running with a little film camera.

F 6.3, S 1/250, ISO 1600

Playing with the shadows on my feet
F 32.0, S 1/100, ISO 200

F 5.6, S 1/250, ISO 400

coffee on the river
F 5.6, S 1/400, ISO 1600

Lisa and her beautiful baby
F 5.6, S 1/2000, ISO 400

Kitty Hawke
F 5.6, S 1/60, ISO 250