The end of a long summer part II

These are my last posts of our amazing holiday in Asia, we have only been back for two weeks but already time feels like its slipping away and looking back on these photos now they feel like great memories from years ago not weeks.

This last post is a collection of photos from brad and me.



goodbye sheriff street

Today is my last post from Australia before Brad and I travel around South-East Asia for four months. I plan to keep everyone posted as we travel through and cant wait to take some amazing photos

Here is a few photos from the last two weeks I have been meaning to post up in the frenzy of organising our trip away.











The Hermit – b&w collections 2



I have just started using a film camera to take my photos. I used an old canon SLR and got some black and white film. These photo’s are my first attempt at taking photos the old fashioned way, the feel of the old film camera is so different from my digital SLR its very light to carry and of course without any playback on the view finder its completely trial and error. I try and only use manual when taking my photos and am happy to say that none of my photos didnt turn out, some are very grainy from using a higher ISO but i kind of like that about film











This photo was taken by a friend of me. The last photo on my film




Two hours North

F 10.0, S 1/320, ISO 100

F 5.0, S 1/1000, ISO 200

F 5.6, S 1/40, ISO 1000

Our delicious Thai breakfast
F 5.6, S 1/200, ISO 1000

birthday wishes before heading back
F 4.5, S 1/125, ISO 800

F 5.6, S 1/200, ISO 1000

F 4.0, S 1/400, ISO 200

Pit stop at the antique house
F 10.00, S 1/60, ISO 100

f 5.6, S 1/640, ISO 200

F 5.0, S 1/1000, ISO 200

F 5.6, S 1/2500, ISO 200

F 5.6, S 1/2500, ISO 200