Windswept Dulan II and Chenggong

Some more photos of the effects of the typhoon at its strongest point and our trip to Cheng Gong.

Today we decided to explore Chenggong a county township about 30 minutes out from Dulan. We catch the bus in with a friendly betel chewing bus driver who has techno beats blasting in the back for the whole ride. Arriving in Chenggong the air is thick and salty with a haze over the town, we start our walk to the aquarium that was recommended to us by Barry. Worth the money and living up to its title “The aquarium of anemone fish” if you like Nemo then you have gone to the right spot. Every different kind of Nemo fish imaginable in creative well looked after tank set ups as well as a variety of other sea creatures of all kinds.
After a couple of hours watching fish we decided to grab a bite to eat from some of the amazing seafood this harbor has to offer. Arriving at one of the many restaurants on the street we were greeted by someone who could speak English, ‘Mary-Lou’. ML helped us choose one of the fresh fish lying on ice, some long stringy green vegetable I don’t know the name and fried rice. The meal was absolutely delicious, the fish as fresh as it gets and for all this food plus beers was only 600TWD (about $18 aus).
Moving on we try to make our way to Sansianti but without the ability to read Chinese couldn’t figure out the bus timetable, so we decide to see if Mary-Lou can help. Back at the restaurant we ask about the buses and before we know it we have a small group of six people all yelling (as the Taiwanese love to do) and talking over one another, eventually it seems a decision has been made, ML will come with us and show us. Brad and I walk back around to the bus stop ML jumping on her scooter, after some deliberation over the bus timetable ML calls her uncle a taxi driver to come pick us up and drop us where we need for the same price as the bus. The hospitality doesnt stop here though, she also gives us a card with her number (and Facebook) to call when we are finished in Sansianti to get her uncle to pick us up again.
I have said it before but will say it again, the people here are beautiful.
We get to Sansianti watching mesmerized for sometime at the giant waves, rolling in every which direction like each individual one had a mind of its own, before crossing to Sansianti island. Walking across the bridge in this typhoon weather was quite an experience. As you walk across the sea you have got this violent ocean beneath your feet, waves crashing and spraying up around you and wind billowing in your face.
After exploring the island we get ML to organize the taxi back and make our way back to Dulan on a non techno bus this time. Back in Dulan we climb up to the rooftop of our hostel, taking in the ferocious winds blowing palm trees and knocking things over all while watching a stormy sunset.












Everythings looking grey

Suffering from major boredom, I decided to take my camera out and go for a walk around the city. For a very uninspiring day with icy wind and grey skies the sunset turned out to be really pretty. My wander also passed a couple of hours of my very boring day turn night that left me a little less restless with some new photos to work on at home. Im not going to post up my camera settings with my photos this time purely cause theres so many and im getting impatient to post them. I hope you like.

I couldnt help but put two of this photo, the sky is such a nice contrast to the dull buildings

home at last with soup and a bottle of wine