Hualien – Taroko Gorge

We met some very charismatic men the day before our journey into the Gorge, Miguel from Spain and Jean from France. We planned a bike ride together that night that would see us do 20km up hill. Drinking too much and enjoying each others company too much we didn’t go to bed until 2am.
Waking with hangovers, a quick bite to eat, we start our ride through the mountains and into the Gorge.
With breathtaking sites and enormous mountains on either side, the river ran strong through the Gorge. We had many stops along the way, taking photos and catching our breath.
The four of us explored every crevice and path we could stray. Blood pumping through our veins and our bodies glistening with sweat. One detour we made was perhaps to our disadvantage the path was rocky with steps and difficult to follow. I made a wrong turn and by the stroke of luck or a loved one watching over I managed to land from a two meter height in crouching position on a boulder down bellow. My lover came to the rescue and I came out unscathed apart from a very sore swollen ankle. With still more riding yet I pushed on and dealt with the pain later.
Back on the main track we sought out a way to get done into the Gorge. At last Jean spotted a path and we made our way down for a swim in icy cold water and a snack atop a boulder. Down in the Gorge we had found our own secret picnic spot and the people on the highway just dots far away.
With legs aching and clothes soaking wet, Miguel and Jean continued uphill, Brad and I turning back. Brad made us all dinner that night chicken fried rice, it was delicious and we all ate together even the hostel owner asking for some. We sat up drinking and singing until morning again, body’s sore and exhausted we slept like the dead that night.
The next morning we rose together again and head to Taitung on the train, here was the end of our adventure together for now. Disheartened to see them go we made our way to Dulan cove.














Kenting beach – south coast Taiwan

I have been meaning to write about our time in Kenting beach over a week ago, but so often with traveling time escapes you and before you know it your mind is being occupied elsewhere on another journey in another place.
This being said perhaps I never got around to Kenting as it wasn’t a major experience for Brad and I. We had hopes of finding secluded beach and hidden destinations in Kenting only to find it to be a major tourist area. The town was full of fumes and rubbish, and the beaches too had traces of washed up rubbish on the shore line.
Lucky for Brad and I we managed to find a little cave situated off from the beach that you had to swim around to get to and as most of the Asian tourists weren’t good swimmers we could spend our days there secluded.
It was sad to see such a beautiful place be destroyed by the effects of tourism and the culture seemed amiss here. We enjoyed our time there but were not sad to see it go.