The end of a long summer part II

These are my last posts of our amazing holiday in Asia, we have only been back for two weeks but already time feels like its slipping away and looking back on these photos now they feel like great memories from years ago not weeks.

This last post is a collection of photos from brad and me.



Noodle soup and Lanterns

I have finally gotten around to posting my photos of the sleepy town of Hoi An. Brad and I got a little bit trapped in this town and ended up staying a lot longer than we wanted. It wasn’t so much for the abundance of things to do here but more the charm of the clustered buildings throughout the town centre, the abundance of glowing lanterns on the river at night and our favorite lady who sold banana fritters at any time of the day and night.

Hoi An itself was definitely a big tourist destination but somehow you never felt too bombarded by the other tourists it was a nice mix of people and the streets never felt full, it was conservative and outgoing at the same time. Architecturally the town had this cross between French meets Mexican and to add to it there were chihuahua’s at every corner.

Lucky for us we will be back at christmas to meet with Brads parents maybe then I will get round to doing some of those tourist attractions on offer. /em>












Train to Hoi An

Riding the trains in Vietnam was an adventure before the wheels had started turning. Boarding our train fifty minutes earlier than departure (a requirement) we made our way to our first class berth. We decided to indulge seeing as we would be on the train for fifteen hours. Entering our room we are greeted with a dusty compartment a few black hairs left behind from the last passengers and our two bottom bunks. Dust and hair aside there was still a beautiful nostalgia to the train. After settling in I get out my book to write and something catches the corner of my eye, I looked to see what it was and was unpleasantly surprised by a small mouse looking at me. The next fifteen minutes we spent trying to get the mouse out of our compartment but with no luck gave in. Alternatively we decided to purchase some beer at this point just in case sleep didn’t come easy. Finally the wheels start turning and we are off, brad and I, the two Vietnamese boys up top and the mouse beneath the beds.